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Brooklyn Bridge



"Not only do I want to make a powerhouse 

of a film, but I also want to share the hope and the healing that I felt reverberating through the steel and stone of a city that can rise again in glory and peace.” –Angel Katherine Taormina (2021) 


As per Rose Room Productions and IMDb: “RIVER LIGHTS" is based on Angel Katherine Taormina's 2019 novel "The Anniversary." “RIVER LIGHTS” is the story of Jace Hudson and Valentina Vey- two people who see nothing in themselves and everything in each other and who would have committed suicide years ago were it not for their love for one another- and for the fact that they both found someone just as bad-off as they are. They understand each other due to a very deep form of “survivor’s guilt”. By occupation, they are the biggest stars and power couple in Hollywood. Personally, they are trainwrecks- collateral damage of a certain world event twenty years earlier that had devastating effects on many people. Currently working for the biggest director in the world- Martina Jameson- they are forced to reconnect with reality so that they don’t lose what made their talent special in the first place. In her effort to help them, Martina unknowingly (though it is ultimately for the better) puts them in a position that makes the past rear its ugly head- right as the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy approaches and right in the place where it happened. For them, letting themselves feel again is to realize not just that they are part of a bigger whole but also that what is being given uniquely to them could be an opportunity to help- and an opportunity for healing.” 

Find the truth. Find freedom.
A Film from Angel Katherine Taormina.

A Message from Angel Katherine Taormina: "The novel "The Anniversary" was written in 2019 after a March 2019 visit to New York City. It’s where I’m from originally, I saw signs of it flourishing, and I invented a “2021” for it- a different world so that different people- Jace and Valentina- could be the stars of it. I also chose to write their world the way I did because, looking at my hometown, I always see light, encouragement, hope, joy, and promise. This is my New York. But it can symbolically be everyone’s New York. I want to take you all in to the 20th Anniversary- the “anniversary of peace,” as some have called it to me. The novel was released in 2019. The film adaptation- called RIVER LIGHTS- is on its way. I want to give you some backstory on a film for which I envision that everyone who ever cared at all that day can be involved and make a difference for the better, now- to make a difference for unity and peace. Together, we can make the inner light of a city shine again and brighter than ever, for our own good and for the good of all. “The soul of the city is rising” I once heard a voice of a random person walking by me on the street saying. And I believe it is a soul that is ready to break free. Anyone who felt that day, lost that day, hurt that day- knows that we are all one world, united by love, and ready to be free. This story represents no one in order that it can represent everyone. It is not one person’s story in order that it can be everyone’s story and we can all take the Towers into our own and find our own way of healing. It is LA. It is Boston. It is New York. It is every soul that exists. It is the world. It is us. It is a singular, universal, story of peace. The message rings clear and the harmony begs to be joined. 20 years is long enough. Unite in peace. And heal. Find the truth. Find freedom.

In the 2021 of RIVER LIGHTS, Valentina Vey and Jace Hudson have been working together since late 2016 / early 2017, going through myriad hair colors and styles, filling the tabloids, and becoming famous for dramas, adventures, mysteries, and losing themselves to their top-caliber characters to the tune of several awards victories. In their personal lives, they’ve lost themselves as well and, frankly, they don’t care- until the world’s most powerful director, Martina Jameson, gives them an ultimatum they cannot- and will not- ignore. Welcome to “Manhattan 2021 as created by 2019 Angel Katherine Taormina”. The novel is here, RIVER LIGHTS is on the horizon, and the journey continues.... 

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